Eliana Weston is blowing up the internet with her energetic attitude and soulful voice that is as unique as it is versatile. Though Eliana is Indiana raised, Nashville is the true destination of her soul.  Known for her big, blonde hair and glowing personality, she has built a dedicated fan base by singing to your soul and not being afraid to let her heart lead her. Weston is well known for her country singing with a splash of blues and rock sprinkled in. 

She has been singing since she could speak. She has spent over a decade traveling across the south for auditions and contests. She has had the amazing opportunity to perform on Nashville TV, the Hard Rock Cafe, being featured on New York Times square, finalist in the Country Showdown, the Tinroof Cafe, CMA spotlight, and opening for several country music artists. 

Though Eliana has always loved pursuing the up and coming music while continuing to sprinkle  up her shows with music from any decade. Her playlist is a true time traveler's dream with a thorough mix of Elvis, Dolly, and Carrie Underwood. 

 Eliana was born and reared in a home where music was not just appreciated, but was a way of life.  She can still remember being sung to sleep as a toddler while her mother hummed the words to, “Take Me Home, Country Roads”.  This humble beginning started what was to be a lifelong journey, fueling her to express herself through her voice. 

 Eliana still remembers the time she was singing Etta James to herself in her church’s bathroom, when the worship leader overheard her and immediately began adding her to the service.  From there it was the beginning of her childhood on the road, traveling with her mom and sister for days on end to reach the next show. 

“ Family is really important to me. If you don't have them to watch your back, you don’t have anyone.” Weston said, crossing her flared jeans and bedazzled booted legs. “ God first, family second, Elvis third.” 

 She has also been blowing up the internet with her singles and covers that she performs on her guitar (Elvira)  as well as spending most of her time songwriting in Nashville ( expect original music soon). She loves playing shows with her band while on a quest to find the best BBQ. 

 Her goal from all of this ( besides meeting Reba and asking Carrie Underwood about her hair routine) is to sing for as long as a band will play behind her. Eliana is determined  to make her music be more than just a catchy tune, but something that impacts and gives people a moment to just breathe and enjoy a guitar riff. 

 “ Music can touch people. Make them feel something they otherwise wouldn’t.” Says Weston, “ That's what I want. That people feel something when they hear me sing. Music doesn’t mean anything if people don’t feel anything.”